11-29-16 Meeting

Top Tier Information and Data Management Subcommittee
FDH 312 2-3pm

Notes in italics
  1. Digital Measures meeting report (Day & Hartley)
    1. This committee recommends:
      1. UNLV must have a consistent digital repository of faculty activity used by all faculty. 
      2. This tool would be used for official annual reporting of faculty activity
      3. Establish an infrastructure to support system
        1. integration
        2. innovation
        3. implementation
        4. training
        5. maintenance 
      4. Consistent messaging 
        1. Needs
        2. Benefits
      5. Clear ownership shall be established
  2. Data Services for Reporting Group (DSRG)
    1. Membership
      1. ESS
      2. Workday
      3. OIT
      4. DS
    2. Outcomes
      1. Survey of existing data reporting systems
      2. Inventory of data reporting needs
  3. Recommendation:
    1. Provide to the Data Services for Reporting Group the key measures and reporting needs of Research, Scholarship, Creative Activity
  4. How will ongoing activities be managed?
    1. Tasks:
      1. Updating key measures
      2. Ongoing data requests
      3. Coordinating with DSRG
      4. Prioritization
    2. Steering committee ? Individual?  
    3. This might be a larger Top Tier issue - other 4 goals need this as well. 
  5. Discuss Outcomes and Next Steps from mid-year report
    1. Update Key Metrics spreadsheet
      1. Need to be specific about what data we are after
        1. e.g., Research expenditures? NSF only? Contracts?
      2. Need to identify needs of administrators
      3. Each item needs a specific steward (not simply an office)
    2. Develop a final report to include
      1. ORCID ID implementation plan
      2. Recommendations regarding faculty activity reporting system
      3. Recommendations for the development, deployment, and integration of campus systems information and data systems
      4. Overview of the current status of information management at UNLV (e.g., Chief Information Officer noted in 2015-16) report.