October 25 Agenda - Notes

Meeting Notes are Italicized

Attendees: Kendall Hartley (Chair), Annette Day, Mike Sauer, Janine Barrett, Christina Drum, Kivanc Oner, Lori Temple, Joe Lombardo, Rama Venkat, & Mike Ellison.
  1. Introductions
  2. Introduce Charge
    1. Management of research data is still in need of addressing
      1. Library does have a group that is working on recommendations
  3. Supporting Documents
    1. Key Measures Spreadsheet
      1. The Key Measures Spreadsheet was reviewed and discussed. It was clear that this could be a valuable source for information going forward. 
      2. We may want to update and refine the spreadsheet for further use. Mike E. has some suggestions (or resources?) for how we might improve the spreadsheet. 
  4. Ongoing Activities (Data Services for Reporting Group?)
    1. Lori described the activities of the Data Services for Reporting Group
    2. They are working to aggregate all of the existing systems and resources on campus in an effort to communicate to the broader UNLV community what is available. 
    3. This group's work is not yet complete. 
  5. Existing tools
      1. MyUNLV
      2. UNLV Analytics data warehouse
      3. SAS (forthcoming)
      4. CRMs (Undergrad, Grad, others)
      5. Digital Measures
  6. This lead to a procedural discussion regarding how we might address the charge
    1. Kivanc noted the importance of clarifying the need
      1. Storage?
      2. Longitudinal vs. snap shot
      3. Is the data even being collected?
    2. Some data does not necessarily have NSHE ID (e.g., online faculty research measures). 
      1. Need to also use ORCID
    3. Mike S. noted the need to review business processes as they directly impact the data collection. For example, should the NSHE ID be collected at each juncture (e.g., survey of Graduate Student Activities)?
    4. While the focus of this group might be data as it relates to the Top Tier RSCA goal, the implications for the broader enterprise must be considered. 
    5. Annette and Kendall noted that much of this information is in the Key Measures Spreadsheet. The question becomes what happens next. 
    6. Rama noted that much of the information can be gleaned from faculty reports. If faculty reporting is standardized, a good deal of the data can be collected. 
    7. Considerations for the enterprise
  7. Necessary tools
    1. Research aggregation services (Annette)
    2. ORCID
  8. Existing resources - not discussed
  9. Necessary resources - not discussed
  10. Next Steps
    1. Kendall will begin drafting a report with recommendations to share at the next meeting - Doodle to follow.