September 28, 2020

Top Tier Grad Enrollment Management (GEM) Working Group Meeting

October 28, 2020 - 1-2pm


Present: Janet Dufek, Janis McKay Jay Shen, Maria Roberts, Marla Stafford, Denise Tillery, Steve Palazzo, Andy Andres, Tara Emmers-Sommers, Neil Haycocks, Kara Wada, Kate Korgan, Emily Lin

Absent (Proxies): Danica Hays (Mark Carroll), Mohamed Trabia (Jeremy Cho), Vincent Hsu, Marcia Ditmeyer

  1. Welcome new members! (Maria Roberts and Janis McKay)

  1. Recruitment 

  • Default Department phone numbers in Salesforce & Degrees Directory: 

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all department phone numbers will be the default contact number in Salesforce.

  1. Graduate Course cross-listings information.

    1. Explanation of history and committee decision on how to proceed

    2. The extra expectations on graduate students in cross-listed courses should be clear - the syllabi showing differentiation should be uploaded to Curriculog as part of the request to crosslist

  1. Potential GA Changes

  • Competitive stipends

    • Campus leadership is interested in investigating increases to stipends

    • Quick summary from the Graduate College is needed on proposal and costs

      • Historically, UNLV has had a standard rate for master’s and differential based on program at the doctoral level.

      • Do we want differential at both levels?

      • We used OSU data from 49 large institutions to determine PhD stipends ~6 years ago.

      • UNR does STEM, Social Sciences, and Arts & Humanities with minimum stipends

      • GC will also provide info on how much it will cost to cover full health insurance for GAs and the cost to cover 12-month GAs as well

      • Thoughts from group on how best to approach this:

        • Against flat stipend across the board

        • Big difference between masters and doc - would be nice to bring masters up

        • Be careful to not disincentivize programs from bringing in doctoral students

        • If any programs would drop in rate would not be great

        • Need to get master’s minimums up - mixed about whether it goes up by discipline or flat campus increase

        • Support for 12-month GAs for PhDs 

        • General support for a 3k increase across the board

  1. Progression

  1. Data Palooza and Top Tier Graduate Student Success

    1. Updated “ensuring equitable outcomes” to “striving for equitable outcomes”

    2. Group asked to review document and data points and sent suggestions to Kate, Kara, and Emily

  1. Annual Grad Coordinator Report Template & Program Time-to-Degree discussion

    1. GC will share template with group

    2. Need appropriate/desired time to degree for each graduate program on campus

  1. New business

Please note: Cancel Nov. 25, 2020 Meeting -- Reschedule to December/January - stay tuned

Next scheduled meeting: Feb. 24, 2021 @ 1-2pm ---> Spring continued work: 1) Data & reports; Spring deep dives: 1) Recruitment; 2) Innovative Programs