November 9, 2020

Top Tier: Postdoctoral Committee

Meeting Minutes

Nov 9, 2020

  1. All committee members selected a subcommittee to join and these subcommittees met during the November meeting.

  2. Communication Subcommittee:

    1. Subcommittee Charge: Implement comprehensive communications plans to highlight the impactful work being done by postdoctoral scholars. 

    2. Ideas

      1. How do we find out what postdocs are doing?

      2. Update Office of Postdoctoral Affairs website

        1. Can we create a monthly list of postdocs on UNLV campus, similar to GFS

        2. Create a section on the website for highlights & achievements 

          1. Annual survey to postdocs to obtain information on achievements or highlights they’d like posted 

      3. Short 90 second videos about what they are doing

        1. Previous postdocs - where did they end up and how did they get there? -> Infographic or clickable map of their journey (Does Exit survey have any info we can use) 

      4. Virtual Spring Event - PD Event/Interview & Follow up with social component

        1. 30-45 min workshop - presenting yourself well on camera

        2. 15 min social - break out sessions

      5. Find out where postdocs are coming from  - is it on our onboarding survey? 

    3. Action Items

      1. Create workshop title, description, and learning objectives

        1. David will let us know about the facilitator

          1. Another option is mass media or communications faculty 

        2. 15 min breakout sessions

      2. Have a flash survey ready by this event to share and talk about - create in google forms

      3. Profile of our postdocs (Check onboarding & exit survey for useful information)

      4. Do postdocs have access to onboarding programming? - Faculty Center Melissa Bowls-Terry

      5. Do postdocs have access to emergency retention grants??

      6. Share Virtual Interviews/Informational Interviews/Giving Great Virtual Presentations w/ Jessica 

  3. Repository Subcommittee

    1. Reaching out to OSP to gather information they have, so we know what information exists and what information we may still want to gather

  4. Campus Collaboration Subcommittee

    1. Collaborate with Research and Economic Development and OSP to increase the number of grant proposals that fund doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars