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September 3, 2020

UNLV Graduate College

Graduate College Awards Committee – 1

Meeting Minutes– September 3, 2020

2:00-3:30 pm

Via WebEx

Called to Order:  2:00 pm

  1. Brief Introduction - Dufek (Chair)

  2. Member Introductions - all

  3. Dufek summarized the Charge of the committee 

  4. Brianne Heinle (Graduate College, Exec Director of Graduate Financial Services) - overview of award process

    1. Application timeline - submission portal opens Oct 1, 2020 and closes Dec 1, 2020

      1. During AY 2019-2020 there were 965 applications submitted

      2. Approximately 750 met qualifications and were reviewed

    2. Recommendation letters due by Dec 15, 2020

    3. Graduate College team reviews all submissions to assure qualification (GPA, etc)

      1. This cannot be done until after grades post for Fall 2020 (Dec 15, 2020)

    4. Divide and conquer - separate into “Fellowships” and “Scholarships” working groups based upon number of applications and categories of awards

      1. Typically ~3 members per working group

    5. Klieger indicted a desire to have input/choice on subgroup participation

      1. Dufek to work with Heinle to set up categories of working groups and develop a mechanism (google doc) for GCAW-1 committee members to rank their preferences, once the categories are identified

      2. Timeline to accomplish this is late Dec 2020

    6. Once assigned, GCAW-1 members can start reviewing applications

  5. Dufek asked members to complete the following tasks prior to our next meeting

    1. Review Award Mechanisms

    2. Review Evaluation Rubrics

    3. Heinle indicated that evaluations will be done in the GRG

    4. Each member will receive new GRG login (independent from any Grad Coordinators’ login credentials) for the purpose of this committee work

    5. At next meeting, Heinle indicated that she will provide GRG training for the purpose of conducting the evaluations

      1. Dufek suggested members plan to be at a workstation next meeting to assure access, etc.

  6. Dufek - understand this committee has responsibilities temporally that are sinusoidal

    1. Focused committee work will be after working groups are assigned and applications prescreened by Grad College team

      1. Mainly January - February 2021

    2. 2020-2021 meeting Dates posted

      1. Regentova suggested that subcommittee members consider flexibility with alternative meeting times

    3. Heinle clarified that Feb 4 and Feb 5, 2021 (10:00-5:00pm) meetings are blocked for Fellowships working group to conduct interviews

      1. Scholarships do not require interviews

  7. Emily Lin - Thanked everyone for agreeing to serve on this committee

    1. Assured members this will be “fun”

    2. Is available to address any questions

  8. Questions/Comments

    1. Regentova confirmed that there were no “deliverables” prior to next meeting

    2. Dufek - simply review scholarships/fellowships and assessment rubric

  9. Meeting Adjourned: 2:46 pm

Next Meeting: December 10, 2020 (2:00-3:30 pm via WebEx)