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December 4, 2020

Graduate College Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, Dec 4, 2020 from 1 - 3 p.m.


  • Welcome from Dr. Alyssa Crittenden, Chair

Congrats to Dr. Dufek and thanks for Dr. Sara Jordan for serving as co-chair of GAWC-1

  • COVID-19 Updates: See GC COVID webpage - Kate

    • GC COVID Decision Tracking & Actions spreadsheet & GC COVID webpage

    • Campus closures & GTW

    • Winter, Spring & summer plans

    • S/U Grading

      • Up to 6 credits per semester spring, summer, fall of 2020 + spring 2021

      • COVID S/U policy = B- or better is an S, C+ or lower is a U

      • General S/U policy = up to 3 credits of Master’s and up to 6 credits of doctoral coursework may be included in the degree program with B = S and B- and below = U (this excludes culminating experience credits)

    • Commencement for Spring & Summer/Fall

      • Doctoral commencement plans

      • REMO Demo @ Council

        1. Breakout groups: 

          • Holistic admissions + diversity

          • Inclusion, equity & justice

          • International student recruitment + support

          • Graduate student mental and emotional wellness

      • REMO for workshops, bootcamps, events, and meetings in 2021

    • Budget updates & furloughs

      • Fee position: ED Leadership & Professional Development Academy “The Grad Academy”

      • Fee position: Instructional technologist & content developer 

      • Doctoral commencement costs

  • Innovative programs - input for TT Innovative Programs committee

    • Build your own: 1) dual degree; 2) Ph.d.

    • Stackable certificate + culminating experience = master’s degree

  • GA Proposal

  • Early Alert to support graduate student mental well-being

  • Academic Affairs - Emily

    • Mandatory Individual Development Plan (IDP) [Formerly known as the Student Annual Review Review form]  Routing and Anticipated dates: Dec. 14, 2020 to Feb. 15, 2021

    • Updating Catalog Unit faculty lists/descriptions, Program handbooks, GFS department lists--Due April 1st, 2021

    • Faculty Leaving procedures

      • Graduate faculty who are leaving UNLV must submit a Graduate Faculty Status leaving form. The leaving form takes less than five-minutes to complete and does not require any uploads.

The leaving form link can be found on the Graduate Faculty Status web page, here:

  • The leaving form indicates whether the graduate faculty member may continue unfinished work with students at the time of departure, continue on current Graduate Advisory Committees, and/or teach at the graduate level. It also indicates whether the faculty member may serve on future student committees after departure.

    • If the leaving form is not submitted within 30 days after departure from UNLV, we shall assume that the faculty member is not interested in maintaining any graduate faculty status at UNLV, continuing on any current Grad Advisory Committees, teaching at the grad level at UNLV, or engaging in future committee participation with students.

  • Reminders: Student Life & Climate surveys due Dec. 11, 2020

  • Graduate R2PC - Kara

    • App/Admit/Enroll and Graduation Data Updates

    • Doctoral programs can opt-in to using the Graduate Faculty Advisor form to allow students to appoint a faculty advisor prior to appointing their full Graduate Advisory Committee

      • We need to know: when do you want us to allow students to submit their Plan of Study form? There are two options:

        1. Once the faculty advisor is appointed

        2. Only after the full graduate advisory committee is appointed 

    • ICYMI - Alyssa Crittenden is the coolest!

  • Leadership & Professional Development Academy - Val

  • New Business

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