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January 22, 2021

Graduate College Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 from 1 - 3 p.m.


  • Welcome from Dr. Alyssa Crittenden, Chair

  • Dean’s Report & Requests for Guidance

    • COVID-19 Updates: See GC COVID webpage, GC COVID Decision Tracking & Actions spreadsheet & GC COVID webpage

      • GTW & Grad Commons reopening

      • Governor’s Budget & Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) and NV Indy analysis of proposed budget

      • Immunization POD

      • Emergency Relief/Retention Grant Fund

      • Spring Commencement 

      • Return to campus pivot plans

    • Strategic Plan Roll-out plan

      • Soon: Exec Summary, Strat Plan doc, & webpage with key metrics

      • Spring SPOP goals

    • Grad Coordinator Reports & Campuswide GEM Plan: RFG

      • Qualtrics for quick annual report of activities: grad coord & program

      • Google sheet for data on each program & certificate, including:

        1. TTD: total credits required; # of credits per semester for full-time status; # of semesters to complete program with full-time enrollment; maximum number of semesters

        2. Admissions projections for 5 years 

        3. Enrollment projections for 5 years

        4. Graduation projections for 5 years

        5. Spreadsheet will come pre-filled out with previous year’s data after this year and available for updates

    • Innovative Programs next steps: RFG

      • Skills badges

      • Build your own graduate degree models (micro-masters/stackable certs and designer docs): how to propose

      • Grad Coord report

    • Coming soon: your 5 Handbook set :)

  • Academic Affairs - Emily

    • Proxy form for your committees. 

    • Reminder: Mandatory Individual Development Plan (IDP) [Formerly known as the Student Annual Review Review form] Due March 1, 2021 & concerns

      • Next year: Personalize for programs, as needed w/ questions due date of 10/1 each year? 

      • Next year: Opt out but with requirement to submit aggregate student data?

    • Updating Catalog Unit faculty lists/descriptions, Program handbooks, GFS department lists--Due April 1st, 2021

    • Bylaws updates coming soon!

  • Graduate R2PC - Kara

    • App/Admit/Enroll and Graduation Data Updates

    • Revisiting issue from December Council meeting: Graduate programs that require an advisory committee can opt-in to using the Graduate Faculty Advisor form to allow students to appoint a faculty advisor prior to appointing their full Graduate Advisory Committee

      • We need to know: when do you want us to allow students to submit their Plan of Study form? There are two options:

        1. Once the faculty advisor is appointed

        2. Only after the full graduate advisory committee is appointed 

      • Please note that students may submit their Plan of Study form again if there are changes that need to be made after their initial form has already been approved.

      • Poll results

      • How do you advise we proceed?

    • CGS Statement on Graduate Admissions during COVID-19; how to promote & train graduate faculty on holistic graduate admissions? -- HOLD for next mtg.

  • Leadership & Professional Development Academy - Val

    • New Name (The Grad Academy: Innovative Leadership, Professional, and Career Development) and new Exec Director (Nevena Cvijetic)

    • CGS Statement of Principles on Mental and Emotional Wellness

      • Early Alert to support graduate student mental well-being 

      • Next steps

  • New Business

Leslie Hunter,
Jan 27, 2021, 9:05 AM