Graduate Programs Committee

Remote Meeting 3/1/2022

Committee: Greg Moody (Chair), Michelle Samuel (Integrated Health Sciences), Neeraj Bhandari (School of Public Health), Christina Demopoulos (Dental), Doris Watson (Education), Shahram Latifi (Engineering), Rhonda McElory proxy for Finley Cotrone (Hospitality), Dan Lee (Liberal Arts), Rebecca Benfield (Nursing), Dong-Chan Lee (Sciences), Benjamin Burroughs proxy for term by Greg Borchard (Urban Affairs), Corrin Sullivan (Medicine), Doris Watson (Faculty Senate), Cory Tucker (Library), Lina Chato (GPSA), Scarlett Iglesias Hoyos (GPSA) Wendy Kveck (Fine Arts)

Ex-Officio: Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education), Gail Griffin (Provost’s Office), Ruth Garay (Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Registrar), Lucas Graff (Grad College), April Fox (Grad College), Emily Lin (Grad College), Lindsay Couzens (Assessment), Rosemary Le (Provost’s Office) Tracy Johnson (Grad College)

Invitees: Pramen Shrestha (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Hui Zhao and Melissa Morris (aerospace Engineering)

GP Agenda

  1. Committee Business
    • None
  2. New Programs
    • None
  3. Program Changes
    • PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pramen Shrestha)
      • Passes. 10-0.
    • MS Construction and Infra. Mngt (Pramen Shrestha)
    • MS in Engineering - Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pramen Shrestha)
      • Gail: Leading to licensure: No.
      • Then the comment under dept vote needs to be revised which refers to licensure. Done.
      • Passes. 10-0.
    • MS Aerospace Engineering (Melissa Morris)
      • Gail: Hybrid, how much of the program is online. Some online and some are in the classroom. Will send info later to Gail.
      • Motion passes.
    • MS Materials and Nuclear Engineering has been fully approved (previously in contingency approval)
      • Assessment plan was approved by the Office of Assessment on Feb 9, 2022
  4. Contingency Approvals*
    • MS Nursing is still awaiting contingent requirements prior to full approval
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