GC Notes - 4-2016

  1. Program Changes for Review
    1. School of Nursing
      1. CERT & MA PNP - inactivate - additional form may be necessary
    2. School of Allied Health Sciences
      1. MS Health Physics - informational item 
      2. Pass the comprehensive oral examination. The comprehensive oral exam will be taken by all students after completion of the second semester of enrollment in the program. The exam will be pass/fail. Students who fail the exam may re-take the exam prior to the start of their third semester of enrollment. Students who fail their second attempt will be separated from the program. Students may not defend their thesis prospectus or proceed with their professional paper until successful completion of the oral exam. The exam will be administered by the graduate faculty from Health Physics.

        New requirement (in the draft change we proposed this was inserted as #3)


        Select a thesis advisor from the full graduate faculty in the program by the end of the student’s first semester in the program. Failure to select a thesis advisor may result in probation or eventual termination from the program.

  2. New Programs for Review
    1. College of Education  
      1. MEd in Educational Policy & Leadership
        1. Grade of less than C is not permissible
        2. College routing?
        3. Degree requirements
      2. Certificate in Program Evaluation and Assessment  
        1. would need to convert to sub-plans
    2. College of Liberal Arts
      1. Social Science Methods Certificate
  3. New Business
    1. Curriculum Cohesion Initiative