GC Notes

School of Nursing
  • NURDNP (Sabo)
    • delete track
    • add courses
College of Fine Arts 
  • HIDXXXMHID (Lawrence)
    • HIDXXXMHID - HID 750 needs to be built
College of Education
  • EDPSYMS (Corkill/Scott)
    • remove proseminar
    • correct misspelling in Subplan 2, degree requirements #3 last sentence
  • EDPPHD (Corkill/Kardash)
  • HEDXXCERTG (Rosser)
    • requiring a masters degree will require a name change. 
    • changing admission deadlines can be completed w/ an email to Executive Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management (Kara Wada) from Grad Coord. 
  • HEDXXXXMED (Lough)
PHD Requirements @ UNLV