GPC Workflow Updated

Proposals are routed through Curriculog and become eligible to add to agendas once they 
have reached the Graduate Programs Committee step. 

One week before next scheduled meeting

  1. Generate agenda through Curriculog (Guide to create agendas)
    1. Note: You must be an agenda administrator to generate the agenda through
      Curriculog. To request this access, email
    2. Add information to the notes section using the following outline as an example

      1-3 p.m.




      1. Committee Business

      2. New Programs

      3. Program Changes

      4. Informational Items

  2. Notify the committee chair, dean, associate dean, Executive Director of Admissions & 
    Enrollment Management, Executive Director of Graduate Systems and Operations, Vice 
    Provost for Academic Programs with a CC to of agenda
    availability through Curriculog.

    Subject line: 'GPC: Please approve agenda'

    You can view the agenda through Curriculog by logging into the system and visiting (insert
    link to published agenda here).

  3. Once approved by the committee chair, finalize agenda and send to the committee: and to the individuals listed as the originator on 
    each proposal.

  4. Email to Google Group:

    Subject line: 'GPC: Upcoming Meeting on XX/XX/XX in SU 2XX'

    The next Graduate Programs Committee meeting will be held XX/XX/XX, in the Student Union
     XXX at 1 p.m.

    Committee members must attend the meeting or identify a proxy. Proxies can be other 
    members of the committee or a graduate faculty member from your unit. See the agenda
    for a list of committee members.

    You can view the agenda through Curriculog by logging into the system and visiting (insert 
    link to published agenda here).

    Invitees to the meeting (CC'd on this message) should be prepared to provide a brief
    introduction to the program change you are proposing. If you are unable to attend the meeting,
    please invite an appropriate representative to present the change. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Committee Meeting
  1. Bring laptop and projector to display agenda and proposals.
  2. Proposals can be edited in the meeting by an agenda administrator, make notes within the
    'notes' section in the agenda within Curriculog reflecting any changes
  3. Record attendance, motions and related votes in the notes section of the agenda 
Post meeting
  1. Review draft meeting minutes, ensure all notes are included and send to the committee
    chair, associate dean, director of admissions and records, executive director of graduate
    systems and operations, with a cc to for approval. 
    1. Subject line: 'GPC: Please approve minutes'
  2. Once approved, email a notification of availability of the approved minutes and all
    documents within Curriculog to the committee with a cc to Vice Provost for Academic
    Affairs and the Director of Accreditation and Special Projects. If there were any new
    certificate or degree programs approved in the meeting, reference them in the email
    message and include attachments of all documents related to any approved new programs.

    GPC: Approved Meeting Minutes

    Good afternoon,

    Please find the approved minutes from the <month year> Graduate Programs Committee
    meeting attached. 

    There <were> <were no> <new programs> <certificates> approved.

    Thank you

  3. GC Curriculum Coordinator will update new programs tracking spreadsheet 
  4. GC Curriculum Coordinator will create folder in x drive Graduate Council:Curriculum:Approved:Year with the meeting year and month
    (e.g., 2015.03 for the March 2015 meeting). 
    Add approved documents.