GC Notes - May 10, 2016

School of Community Health Sciences
  1. PhD Public Health - Subplan 1 elective course number change from EOH 737 to EOH 747 (informational item only - document included below) - change to the Public Health PhD change was approved in March. Upon updating catalog it was noted that a course that is no longer offered was included in the list of electives. 
College of Liberal Arts
  1. MA Anthropology, Archaeological Heritage Management - credits, name, degree/course requirements - Barbara Roth
  2. MA Anthropology Nonthesis - degree/course requirements - see suggested catalog change
  3. PhD Political Science - degree/course requirements
  4. PhD Psychology, Experimental - degree / course requirements 
School of Nursing
  1. CERT (Post Masters) & MA PNP - deactivation
  2. PhD Nursing, Sustainable Health Track - deactivation
Greenspan College of Urban Affairs
  1. PhD Workforce Development - deactivation
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
  1. MS Hotel Administration - admission requirements
New Programs for Review
College of Education  
  1. Certificate in Program Evaluation and Assessment (holdover from April Mtg - no new docs yet)
  2. Conditional Licensure Certificate for Elementary Teaching - Name
  3. Conditional Licensure Certificate for Secondary Teaching - Name
  4. Certificate in College Sport Leadership  - Application procedures - need application deadlines. change AY to grad rebel gateway. 
College of Nursing
  1. Post Graduate Certificate in Biobehavioral Nursing - only 11 credits. 
Lee Business School
  1. MS Data Analytics & Applied Economics
New Business