Committee Workflow


Google Group email:
  1. Proposals are submitted via Curriculum Changes Portal
  2. One week before next scheduled meeting
    1. copy files to X drive Graduate Council:New Programs:Pending and renames file with plan code and CH for change or NEW. 
    2. add items to next agenda on
    3. upload files to GradCommittees agenda page
    4. email draft agenda link to committee chair, dean, associate dean, Executive Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management, executive director of graduate systems and operations, Vice Provost for Academic Programs

      GPC: Please approve meeting agenda

    5. once approved by the committee chair, finalize agenda and send to the committee & GC RPC coordinators
    6. send invitations to the individuals listed as the contact person on each submitted form.  
    7. print agenda to PDF and save in x drive Graduate Council:New Programs:Agenda:Year: Agenda GCNP DATE.pdf
  3. Committee Meeting
    1. Bring laptop and projector to display agenda and proposals.
    2. Proposals can be edited in the meeting
      1. save as and append file name with revised.
    3. Record attendance, motions and related votes. 
  4. Post meeting
    1. Ensure forms are completed, including approvals.
    2. In GC Comments add "This has been approved by all appropriate entities."
    3. Upload approved revisions to GradCommittees agenda page
    4. Create folder in x drive Graduate Council:New Programs:Approved:Year with the meeting year and month (e.g., 2015.03 for the March 2015 meeting). Rename files to include appropriate plan code. Add approved documents. 
    5. Write up draft meeting minutes and send to committee chair, dean, associate dean, director of admissions and records, executive director of graduate systems and operations for approval. 

      GPC: Please approve meeting minutes

    6. Once approved, the minutes can be posted to the GradCommittees agenda page.
    7. Email the minutes to the committee with a cc to Vice Provost for Academic Affairs ( and the Director of Accreditation and Special Projects ( If any new certificate or degree programs were approved in the meeting, reference them in the email message and include attachments of all documents related to any approved new programs.

      GPC: Approved Meeting Minutes

      Good afternoon,

      Please find the approved minutes from the <month year> Graduate Programs Committee meeting attached. 

      There <were> <were no> <new programs> <certificates> approved.

      Thank you
    8. Update new programs tracking spreadsheet 
Catalog Update
  1. Add to catalog update tracking spreadsheet and update 
  2. Send PDF of update to department chair, graduate coordinator, and proposer 
  3. Log when PDF was sent (on catalog update tracking spreadsheet) and store PDF in drive