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April 22, 2020

Graduate Council Meeting

 Wednesday, April 22, 2020 1-4pm (with 5 minute break @ 2pm)

  • Welcome - Dr. Toni Repetti, Chair

  • Nominations & voting for Council Chair, AY20-21

  • Committee Reports

    • Course Review Committee

    • Program Committee

    • Program Review

    • Awards Committees 1 & 2 (total # of awards & amount)

    • Appeals & Legal Issues

    • Professional Development Academy Advisory Board

    • Top Tier Postdoctoral Committee & Advisory Board (TT reports due 5/7)

    • Top Tier R2PC (TT reports due 5/7 - Done!)

    • Top Tier Faculty & Student Support (TT reports due 5/7)

    • Top Tier Innovative Programs (TT reports due 5/7)

    • Faculty Senate

    • GPSA

  • COVID-19 Updates: See GC COVID webpage (review info)

    • NSHE & UNLV Budgets: It could be worse?! Misson: Top Tier: A Path Forward through Crisis

    • CARES Act distribution plan: 70/20/10

    • Hiring & Spending Freeze

      • GAs & PTIs

      • IGAs (10), SDRFs (40) & Finishing Fellows 

      • Grad Coordinator Stipends

      • Essential Spending (texting; OnBase)

    • GC Budget Cuts & Hiring Exemption requests/rationale

      • Cuts: 2 positions, one moving to soft funds

      • Hiring plan: fee positions + 4 replacement student workers

    • Other Post/Pandemic Issues to Consider

      • S/U Grading: Credits; Exemptions; Permanent Plans in fall

      • Commencement Plans & Regalia option:

      • Spring GAs

      • International Students: "Unemployment for F-1 students is a tricky issue...everything I've been able to find indicates that F-1 students are generally not eligible to apply for unemployment benefits in Nevada, and we've been advising our F-1 students accordingly. Because there could be possible "public charge" concerns we've also suggested that students consult with an immigration attorney before doing so (this is the same advice being given by the staff at CSN and UNR as well)."

      • Summer Session & Fall Orientation

      • Fall GA’s

        • State-funded GA time limits

        • Tuition-only GAs for international students in fall

        • GA Offers

      • Fall R2PC Updates

      • Fall Online Teaching for at-risk instructors (faculty & GAs)

    • Other COVID Updates 

  • Associate Dean Emily Lin

    • Handbooks & Catalog update

    • Grad Coordinator Annual Reports

    • AY20-21 Committees

Pandemic Pivot Committee--

  • New Business

    • Catalog Clarifications


    • To be in good academic standing, graduate students must have a 3.0 or higher graduate GPA in their current certificate/program(s) and not be on academic probation. Students on probation return to good academic standing once the conditions of academic probation have been met.

    • "Students must be enrolled for at least one graduate-level credit during the semester in which a qualifying, comprehensive/preliminary, or final examination is taken."  Proposed: Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 1 graduate credit in any semester when they are proposing, defending, or testing (preliminary, qualifying, comprehensive, or final exams), and a minimum of 3 credits in the semester in which they graduate.


Oral Defense Guidelines

The Graduate College encourages in-person exam, thesis, and dissertation defenses. This defense format enables discussion of a student’s culminating experience and serves as an important landmark in a student’s professional development by presenting to a group of scholars and perhaps wider community. However, changes in digital technology and variation in program delivery (e.g., online programs) warrant flexibility in how in-person vs. remote thesis and dissertation guidelines can occur. Student defense presentations must be public, although a private defense/discussion with just the student and committee members should also occur. Advertisement of the defense must specify how, when, and where the defense will take place so that members of the public may attend/participate, whether the defense is face-to-face (must be on campus), a hybrid format (an on campus location plus a digital/online component for remote participation),  or an entirely online/digital meeting space. For hybrid defenses, the defense location must have the necessary technical capacity to allow for reliable remote participation with audio and visual capacity for the student and committee members. Students must inform the Graduate College of their defense date, time, place, format, and login information (if hybrid or online) at least two weeks in advance of the defense so that it may be advertised on campus. Regardless of defense mode, the entire Graduate Advisory Committee, including the Graduate College Representative, must participate in  the defense. If technical or other problems arise and interfere with the ability to successfully conduct the presentation and discussion for a prolonged period of time, the defense meeting must be rescheduled.

  • The Plan of Study form outlines the courses the student will complete for the degree or certificate program and the courses listed must fulfill all degree requirements specified in the Graduate Catalog from the student’s first or last semester of enrollment. The Plan of Study form has two parts: part I is an electronic signature page available in your Grad Rebel Gateway portal, and part II is available in the Degrees Directory for the student’s graduate degree or certificate program under the Program Information section. Part II of the form is where the student will list all of the courses they have or will be completing to satisfy the requirements of the program. On departmental approval, the Graduate College will accept up to two substitutions listed on Part II. More than two substitutions will require an approved appeal before the Plan of Study Parts I and II may be approved. If the student completed courses required for the current degree or certificate as part of a previously earned degree, and are therefore required to replace those credits, those replacements will not count toward the maximum allowable two substitutions and should be noted by the student’s advisor or graduate coordinator when they approve the form. Students will also need to submit an academic appeal for approval to use courses they successfully completed more than 10 years ago.

Leslie Hunter,
Apr 30, 2020, 3:13 PM