February 4

GCEC Professional Development Committee Meeting

February 4, 2:00-3:00, Student Union #211

Kimberly Barchard,
Jessica Word,
Carolyn Sabo, 
Ariel Rosen, 
Melissa Bowles-Terry, 
Mary Riddel,
Valarie Burke,
Peter Gray 

Absences noted ahead of the meeting: Mary-Ann Winkelmes, Gina Sully, PG Shrader

We had one agenda item: to evaluate applicants for the UNLV Graduate Teaching Award. Applications 
and a rubric were circulated ahead of the meeting. We began the meeting by compiling summary scales 
of applicants. We then discussed the tentative rank ordering of applicants, discussing various merits and 
weaknesses and related points in applicant profiles. The committee recommended the following 

First. Murtishaw

Second. Najimi

Third. Saladino

Valarie Burke recorded those recommendations. The next committee meeting in March will be devoted 
to discussion of a possible Graduate Mentoring Certificate program.