October 26, 2020

Meeting Minutes

October 26, 2020

Present: Valarie Burke,

Excused: Nevena Cvijetic, Alona Angosta



Helen Wing, Dana Cotham, Kristin Zaccaro, Nia Smercina, Amy Tureen, Anjala Krishen, Brandon, Donna Costa, Eileen McGarry, Emily Lin, Liz Kahane, Kimberly Barchard, Marcia Ditmyer, Natalierose Pennington,, Nicole Hudson, Sara Jordan, Shaimaa Ali Abd El Haleem, Xue Xing, Soumya Upadhyay, 

  1. Committee Charge

    1. Focus of this meeting we will focus on this charge: Deliver high-quality, scholarship-based professional and career development opportunities for both master’s and doctoral level students: help plan workshops and secure speakers; review learning objectives; review assessments.

  1. Career & Professional Development needs: Academic Year 2020-2021

    1. Flash Survey - Results Report

  2. Notes from committee:

    1. IRB & SPSS - add more details/descriptions for this workshop

      1. So students know what they are signing up for

    2. SPSS - Reference Guide (like Purdue) - we have one coming from Libraries?

    3. General workshop for graduate students

      1. Qual vs. Quant research - which is right for you.

    4. First years don’t get certification credits - so they may wait to take the workshop.

    5. Career Services - life design workshop, inviting alum grads - nice partnership

    6. In favor of the badges!

    7. Colleges = using workshops for medallion requirements. 

    8. Creating professionally filmed workshops that go on our YouTube channel

    9. What topics should we host every semester?

      1. Common content every semester

        1. Watch video, then have interactive Q &A

          1. Speaker giving points, PPT

    10. Pinapto 

    11. What topics should we rotate?

    12. Which workshops should we film professionally?

    13. Ideas for Spring:

      1. For the sake of forwarding our discussion to plan for the spring, I'd say a few obvious workshops we should do in the spring would be: any/all thesis-dissertation prep, preparing for life post-grad (non-academic), COVID-19 discussion, and navigating the job market, too 

    14. COVID - January/February

    15. Prepare for life post-grad

    16. Job Market

    17. Diversity

    18. Emma Bloomfield could be a great person to bring in-- She did an event for the Women's Council to talk about addressing diversity and being inclusive in the classroom 

    19. Close to end of semester - how do i deal with Winter? Summer?

      1. Make good choices?

      2. Get ahead?

    20. Cohort experience for TAs

      1. Teaching best practices with Online Education

      2. Val will follow up on this!

      3. One week summer option? Winter break?

P.S. Leadership and Professional Development Academy - Information :) 

    1. Certifications, Workshops, Programs, Events...and growing