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Coordinator Program Survey


  • Communicate to the Graduate College program needs and program successes

  • Discussion of R2PC Activities – what worked, what did not – new ideas

  • Opportunity to raise issues for possible training or to share best practices

Report Items

  1. New or returning coordinator?

  2. Do you plan to serve in this role next year?

  3. Graduate College Support

    1. Administrative support questions

  4. Recruitment activities

    1. Admissions

    2. Were efforts successful?

  5. Program Activities

    1. Orientation

    2. Workshops

    3. Seminars

  6. Retention / Progression

    1. Retention practices (e.g., how do you identify and intervene when students are struggling)

    2. GA coordination/assignment with Department Chair

    3. How does your department determine that students are making adequate yearly progress?

    4. How is this communicated to the students?

  7. Completion

    1. Advertisement of the defense of thesis and dissertations

  8. Other?

    1. Did you face any issues this year that you were uncertain of how to address?

    2. What training / assistance would have been helpful?

  9. Check off the activities that you participated in this year

    1. Rebel Grad Slam Judge / Attendee

    2. Research Forum Judge / Attendee

    3. All Grad Faculty Spring / Fall

    4. Committees and Grad Council

    5. Other . . .

  10. Graduate Committee activities