December 8, 2020

GAC-2 Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2020


Start: 1 pm


End: 1:25 pm


Attendees: Daniel Chi, Ann Vuong, Fiona Britton, Laxmi Gewali, Wendy Kveck, William Bauer, Hongtao Yang, Susan Vanbeuge, Steen Madsen and Emily Lin.


1.     Rubrics for the remaining awards were reviewed (Thesis and Dissertation; Graduate Student Teaching; Faculty Mentor and Graduate Faculty Leadership).


2.     Reviewers were assigned for the awards:


Dissertation – STEM (3 applicants): Fiona Britton, Susan Vanbeuge, Ann Vuong and Hongtao Yang


Dissertation – Non-STEM (2 applicants): William Bauer, Honghui Deng, Mehmet Erdem, Dory Mizrachi


Thesis – STEM (1 applicant): Laxmi Gewali, Steen Madsen


Thesis – Non-STEM (3 applicants): Daniel Chi, Wendy Kveck, Katrina Liu


Graduate Student Teaching (7 applicants); Graduate Faculty Mentor (4 applicants); Graduate Faculty Leadership (2 applicants):


Laxmi Gewali, Katrina Liu, Daniel Chi, Wendy Kveck, Mehmet Erdem, William Bauer, Dory Mizrachi, Hongui Deng, Steen Madsen



3.     All evaluations are due February 1, 2021.


4.     The committee will meet on Tues. Feb. 9 at 1 pm to discuss the rankings.



Submitted by Steen Madsen, Chair GAC-2 Committee

                        December 8, 2020