May 3, 2017

Student Union Room 213


Committee: Travis Olson (Chair), Kyle Higgins, Claudia Keelan, Wolfgang Bein, Attila Lawrence, Bill Bauer, John Farley, MaryAnn Overcamp Martini, Jack Schibrowsky, Patrick Daleiden, Mark Lenker, Corrin Sullivan, John Young, Lori Candela (proxy for Claudia Keelan)

Ex-Officio: Rosemary Le (Office of Registrar), Debbi Vaughan (Office of Registrar), Kendall Hartley (Graduate College), Ashley Weckesser (Graduate College), Winnie Wilson (Office of the Registrar), Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education), Peter Kim (Office of the Registrar), Gail Griffin (Vice Provost, Academic Affairs)

Invitees: Alice Corkill (proxy for Matt Bernacki & Gwen Marchand), Grzegorz Chmaj, Randall Shelden, Dennis Bazylinski, Chris Stream, Brendan O'Toole, Jaeyun Moon, John Wagner, Nora Caberoy, Andrew Andres


       New Courses

        Course Changes and Deletions

        New Business