Requested Data

The first one the students have requested is a list of all of the graduate programs available and their current status (on hold, open but not admitting, open).  

This can be found on the application deadlines page

They would then like to know the number of students in each of these programs and their demographic profiles (gender, ethnicity, average time in the program).

Numbers in each program can be found on the attached Spreadsheet (see below Grad Trend Data 2002-2014). 

Demographic profiles and 6/8 year graduation rates can be found in the pdf reports below (6/8YR GRADUATION RATES). This includes college level but not department level breakdowns. 

The last item (and probably the most labor intensive) is the number of graduate students who have gone on leave in the last 5 years by program and the reason for their leave request. 

We don't have this information readily available. While this information is provided on the Leave of Absence request form we only began logging the reasons in the past few months. From January 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014 we had 247 leave of absences approved. We have had 23 requests since 10/1/2014 when we began tracking the reasons. The reasons can be found on the attached file (LOA.xlsx). The same spreadsheet includes a tab listing the department/programs for 2013 and 2014.