August 14, 2020

Graduate College Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, Aug 14, 2020 1-3 pm via Webex

Note that after a student seats a full Graduate Advisory Committee, they may add anyone they like to the committee as a participating member (with advisor approval and must hold GFS at UNLV). Additional members joining a full GAC will be a voting member if they have been granted the following GFS privileges (See GFS privileges table below) in the students’ home department: 

(i) for Masters committees, the additional member hold at least the “GAC Member Master’s Only” (Level 4 or above)

(ii) for Doctoral committees, the additional member hold “GAC Member All Levels” (Level 2 or above)

The additional member will be a non-voting member if they hold solely the “Extra GAC Member only” designation (Level 7). Graduate Faculty Status (GFS) is organized as follows: