1-3 p.m.


Committee: Greg Moody (Chair), Kara Radzak/Michelle Samuel (Integrated Health Sciences), Christina Demopoulos (Dental) proxy by Greg Moody, Doris Watson (Education), Shahram Latifi (Engineering), Wendy Kveck (Fine Arts), Finley Cotrone (Hospitality), Christian Jensen (Liberal Arts), Catherine Dingley/Rebecca Benfield (Nursing), Dong-Chan Lee (Sciences), Neeraj Bhandari (Public Health), Benjamin Burroughs (Urban Affairs), Corrin Sullivan (Medicine), Cory Tucker (Library) proxy by Corrin Sullivan


Ex-Officio: Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education), Gail Griffin (Provost’s Office), Lindsay Couzens (Provost’s Office), Ruth Garay (Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Grad College), April Fox (Grad College), Tracy Johnson (Grad College), Emily Lin (Grad College)

Invitees:  Tamara Herold (Criminal Justice); Daniel Allen (Clinical Psychology); Steen Madsen (Health Sciences)


Graduate Programs Committee Agenda

Informational Items:

·         Artist Diploma - MUSA to MUS 761 - fixed clerical error (type-o)

·         Master of Science - Construction Management: Fixed proposal typing error, CEM 792 to CEE 792 on internship, in subplans 3 and 4

·         Full catalog changes:

o   Term "hours" removed, only use of term "credits" going forward

o   Student-related pronouns changed to "they/their"

o   Term "track" removed, with use of only the term "subplan" going forward


1.     Committee Business

1.      Welcome - expectations 

2.     Program Deletions/Deactivations

1.            Master in Criminal Justice – Professional (Tamara Herold)

 i.      Noted that this is the removal of a program, and not a subplan (Gail)

 ii.      Any current students (Ruth)? No students for over a year

iii.      Motion passes: 10-0; 4 non-voting members (absent)

2.            Adv Grad Cert in Family Nurse Practitioner (Catherine): https://unlv.curriculog.com/proposal:4742/form

 i.      Are we removing this? (Ruth) Yes, this is a proposal to eliminate the program

 ii.      No one is currently in the program (Sam)

 iii.      Motion passes: 10-0; 4 non-voting members (absent)

3.     Program Changes

1.            PhD Clinical Psychology (Daniel Allen)

·         All votes are missing

·         Implementation date is Fall 2021 – move to Spring 2022?

·         No presenter, tabled until next month

2. IDGP PhD Health Sciences – addition of post-bac subplan (Steen Madsen)

·         All votes are missing

o   Need to review bylaws and vote in accordance with bylaws

o   Send results to April

·         Implementation date is Fall 2020 – move to Spring 2022? (Greg) Done

·         Motion passes: 10-0; 4 non-voting members (absent)

o   Pending votes from faculty