MEETING DATE: 2-10-2021 1:00-3:00 p.m.

MEETING LOCATION: Join Webex meeting (available beginning 15-min prior to meeting) ID: 1207369015

Password: mXaWKt*3

Committee: James Navalta (Chair), Han-Fen Hu, Anthony Chen, Marcia Ditmyer, Lawrence Larmore, Sean Boyd, James Busser (James Navalta proxy), Gail Sammons, Jinyoung Kim, Gangqing Jiang, Maryann Overcamp-Martini, Corrin Sullivan, Stephanie Huff, Amy Tureen, Danica Conception

Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), April Fox (Graduate College) Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar), Laina Gleason (Office of the Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Registrar), Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education)

Invitees: SPPL Graduate Coordinator (jayce.farmer@unlv.edu), Jessica Word (jessica.word@unlv.edu), Mingon Kang (mingon.kang@unlv.edu), CS Chair (kazem.taghva@unlv.edu), Tonya Walls (Tonya.walls@unlv.edu), Tamara Herold (tamara.herold@unlv.edu)


1. Committee Business 1. Introductions

2. Proxy Form: Grad Committee Proxy form 2. New Courses

1. PAF - 792 - Current Issues in Public Affairs (Jayce Farmer) Added sub-topics to proposal. Gail motioned, Marcia seconded. Motion passed.

2. PUA - 741 - Community Impact Lab (Jessica Word)

Updated course description. Since the course was previously taught as a special topic, need to let Ruth know which class so it can be updated. Gail motioned, Han Fen seconded. Motion passed.

3. CS - 622 - Introduction to Machine Learning (Mingon Kang)

Updated term offered. Updated long course name. Updated short course name. Discussion on which pre- requisites were needed – tabled for next meeting.

4. DA - 790 - Data Analytics Capstone (Kazem Taghva)

Updated impacted program information. Updated pre-requisites. Note* this will require a program change to be submitted through programs committee. Gail motioned, Sean seconded. Motion passed.

5. CME - 785 - Restorative Justice Practices in Schools and Communities (Tonya Walls) Unit vote found in comments, updated. Gail motioned, Han Fen seconded. Motion passed.

6. CRJ - 750 - Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice (Tamara Herold) Added sub-topics to proposal. Gail motioned, Sean seconded. Motion passed.

3. Course Changes and Deletions

Gail motioned, Larry seconded. Motion passed.

4. Informational Items

1. BIOL 638, Spring 2021 only, approval to remove lab component due to COVID-19