GC Notes

BIOL 619X - No syllabus

ACC 790

ME 612 - Covers the sSizing and design criteria of solar thermal and photovoltaic systems using various types of software. Design criteria are also covered.  disregard - undergrad course description . . . 

NURS 726 - This course will focus on h Healthcare, governmental, and legal issues and principles as applicable to the role of the nurse executive in complex healthcare environments.  Topics of emphasis include patient and employee rights, labor relations, HIPAA, and documentation and reporting requirements for nurses.

NURS - self-directed? (syllabus, Instructional Procedures)

Informational - HPS Consent of dept - registrar?

EDH 630 - The course provides students with sufficient understanding of a Assessment practices necessary to conduct or supervise effective, efficient, and useful assessment projects. Emphasis on addressing the to meet the assessment requirements of accreditation agencies, legislatures, review boards, and other external audiences to improve their institutions, departments, and programs.