1-3 p.m.


List of Committee members

Committee: Greg Moody (Chair), Brian Schilling, Qing Wu, David Cappelli, Joe Morgan, Henry Selvaraj, Phil Hubbard, Christine Bergman, Dan Lee, Catherine Dingley, Victor Kwong, Ben Burroughs, Corrin Sullivan (Proxy for Phil Hubbard), Gillian Naylor, Lina Chato, Rubaiya Murshed, Cory Tucker 

Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), Alexandre Goncalves (Graduate College), Kara Wada (Graduate College), Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Office of the Registrar), Dong-Chan Lee (College of Sciences), Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education), Gail Griffin (VPAA), Nora Carroll, Ashley Weckesser (VPAA), Lindsay Couzens (VPAA)

Invitees: Jared Lau (Counseling); Christine Lam (Nursing); Alyssa Crittenden (Anthropology); Jennifer Rennels (Psychology); Jennifer Pharr (Public Health); Samuel Song (School Psychology); Jennifer Nash (Physical Therapy); Erin Rosenberg (Health Care Admin); Anjala Krishen (Business); Shannon Sumpter (Theatre); Laura Kruskall (Nutrition Sciences); Daniel Chi (Finance)


1.     Committee Business

1. Thanks for being flexible!

2.     New Programs

1. None

3.     Program Changes

1. Advanced Grad Cert - Addiction Studies (Jared Lau)

2. Advanced Grad Cert - Mental Health Counseling (Jared Lau)

3. Advanced Grad Cert - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Christine Lam)

4. Advanced Grad Cert - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner for the FNP (Christine Lam)

5. Doctor of Nursing Practice (Christine Lam)

6. PhD – Nursing (Catherine Dingley)

7. PhD - Anthropology (Alyssa Crittenden)

8. PhD - Psychology (Psychological & Brain Sciences) (Jennifer Rennels)

9. PhD - Public Health (Jennifer Pharr)

10. PhD - School Psychology (Samuel Song) 

11. Education Specialist - School Psychology (Samuel Song)

12. Doctor of Physical Therapy (Jennifer Nash)

13. Executive Master of Health Care Administration (Erin Rosenberg)

14. Master - Health Care Administration (Erin Rosenberg)

15. Grad Cert. - Business Administration (Anjala Krishnan)

16. MBA (Anjala Krishnan)

17. MFA - Theatre (Shannon Sumpter)

18. MS - Nutrition Sciences (Laura Kruskall)

19. MS - Quantitative Finance (Daniel Chi)

20. Doctor of Medicine (Corrin Sullivan)

21. PhD - Special Education (Joseph Morgan)

4.     Informational Items

1.      PhD - Curriculum and Instruction