10-1-2014 Notes

Wednesday October 1

1-3pm, Student Union Rm 211



Gregory Borchard (JMS) - Chair

Carrie Sampson (GPSA)

Claudia Keelan (English)

Jay Shen (Health Care Administration)

Daniel Benyshek, Proxy for Karen Harry (Anthropology)

Cori More, Proxy for Kyle Higgins (Educational & Clinical Studies)

PG Schrader (Teaching & Learning)

Priscilla Finley (Library)

William Culbreth (Faculty Senate Rep)

Wolfgang Bein (Computer Science)

Ex Officio, Alejandro Chacon (Office of Registrar), Kendall Hartley (Graduate College)

New Courses (approval needed)

Course Changes and Deletions 

Staff Review (Committee Information Only)

All updated forms can be accessed via the links below. Clicking on the file name will open the file in Google Docs. If you wish to download the file, try the down arrow to the right.