How to upload a file to your committee site

Do you need to attach an agenda, meeting minutes, or other document to your committee's google site?

Follow the steps below:

1) Click on your committee's site from the list in red on the right-hand side.

2) Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on SIGN IN.

3) Sign into your UNLV account with your UNLV email and password.

4) Once you've signed in, you should see three buttons underneath your email on the top right corner. Click on the button showing a pencil. (If you do not see any buttons, scroll to the bottom and click SIGN IN again. It may take another try.)

5) Clicking the pencil should have opened up the site for editing. Find the red ADD FILES icon underneath the text and above the comments. Click that button.

6) Select the agenda, meeting minutes, or other document from your file list. 

7) Your file will upload and be displayed by name above the ADD FILES icon.

8) If you have more files to add, refresh the page to make sure the ADD FILES icon is displayed.

9) Repeat steps 5 and 6.

10) If you wish to log out when you have finished adding your files, click on your email on the top right corner and sign out.