MEETING DATE: 11-10-2021

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Committee: James Navalta (Chair), Han-Fen Hu, Sean Boyd, Heather Dahl, Lawrence Larmore, Kimberly Mellen, Murray Mackenzie, Gail Sammons, Alicia Rico, Mary Bondmass, Erin Rosenberg, Shichun Huang, Maryann Overcamp-Martini, Corrin Sullivan, Godson Adjovu

Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), April Fox (Graduate College) Sam Fugazzotto (Office of the Registrar), Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar)

Invitees:  Tony Henthorn and Amanda Belarmino (for Rhonda McElroy), Rebecca Rice, Anne Stevens, Matthew Petrie, Kevin Konrad


Updated catalog description (spelling error)

Updated proposal: not a special topic

All HOA courses were considered as a bundle. Sean motioned, Heather seconded. Motion passed.

Gail motioned, Maryann seconded. Motion passed

Changed offering to Fall 2022.

Courses considered as a bundle. Gail motioned, Maryann seconded, Larry voted no. Motion conditionally passed with majority vote.

Removed undergraduate X course info (BIOL 474X). Updated course description. Crosslisted with BIOL 474C. Gail motioned, Maryann seconded. Motion passed

Larry motioned, Corrin seconded. Motion passed.

Considered all course changes and deletions as a bundle. Heather motioned, Sean seconded. Motion passed.