October 21, 2020

Graduate Council Meeting

October 21, 2020 - 1-3pm


The goal is to have all culminating requirements identified and categorized according to the following: Dissertation courses; Thesis courses; Professional Projects; Paper courses; Exam Courses; Proposal/Prospectus courses; Capstone/Culminating Courses

For College/School representative on the GCRC, we ask that they go back to their respective college/school and share with their colleagues (Graduate Coordinators or other relevant faculty in their unit) to confirm the current categorization of the courses reflected on this spreadsheet is accurate:


That is, the current categorization of the course is accurate. The definitions of the categories appear in the first tab and each college/school have their own individual tabs.They and their colleagues should review each course and their respective current categorization and enter any changes to the categorization, if needed, in Columns P, Q & R. They should complete the review and provide any comments no later than Nov. 18 (GCRC Nov. meeting).

The leaving form indicates whether the graduate faculty member may continue unfinished work with students at the time of departure, continue on current Graduate Advisory Committees, and/or teach at the graduate level. It also indicates whether the faculty member may serve on future student committees after departure.