October 20, 2020

UNLV Top Tier Graduate Faculty and Student Support Committee Minutes

October 20, 2020

In attendance: Peter Gray (Chair), Thessa Higenkamp, Han-Fen Hu, Joseu Epane, Christine Ancajas, Harsha Perera, Dave James, Matthew Mohan, Pramen Shrestha, Alexander Clements, Laura Book, John Tuman, Susan McLennon, Jichun Li, James Rich, Carola Raab, Emily Lin, Valarie Burke

Non-attendees: none



Discuss draft Professional Ethics and Research Handbook

Sign-up Sheet for Individual Edits due Nov 10; each committee member should be signed up to edit one of the six chunks of the draft Handbook.

Next meeting: November 17, at which we’ll seek to finalize the Handbook


End: 2:35 PM