Annual Student Review

The purpose of the Annual Student Review is to determine the progress each graduate student has made towards program completion during the most recent calendar year. In addition, we use the data to generate university-wide reports of the activities of our students. It is important that every student complete the annual review.

Each student who was active in a program as of the Fall term will receive information and a link to complete the annual review. Students will receive this on January 2nd. They should complete the review as soon as possible but no later than February 1st. 

The annual review consists of the following sections:

The review generally takes about 10 minutes to complete. If students are not able to finish in one sitting, they can return to the review at any time using the link found in the email invitation.

Students will need an updated vita or resume. They will also be asked to list the courses you have completed, and citations for any scholarly and creative activities (e.g., publications, conference presentations) you have completed over the last calendar year.

A response report will be sent to the student, the program graduate coordinator, the graduate college, and your advisor. The graduate coordinator may also share the results with other faculty members in the program. This is not an anonymous survey.

Student Annual Review Questions