GCEC Professional Development Committee Meeting

September 3, 2:00-3:00, Green Room, Student Union



PG Schrader,

Kimberly Barchard

Mary-Ann Winkelmes,

Carolyn Sabo,

Eduardo Robleto,

Jessica Word,

Mary Riddel,

Ariel Rosen,

Melissa Bowles-Terry,

Gina Sully,

Valarie Burke,

Kendall Hartley

Peter Gray


I.                 Brief Introductions

II.               Discussion of 2015-2016 Committee Mandate

a.      Teaching Certificate Program (TCP): it has been unrolled this past summer and start of the academic year; we can suggest tweaks to that Program, plus we will evaluate applications next spring for the next TCP cohort and in January we will evaluate applicants for the Graduate Student teaching awards

b.      Grad Rebel Success Center: we discussed its philosophy, contents, how to make announcements appear on it (include a note about posting to Grad College and GPSA websites), possible enhancements, etc.

c.      Ideas about Mentorship and Writing Certificate Programs: we will develop ideas about the possible structure and contents of these new potential Certificate Programs

III.              We discussed various preliminary committee-related ideas, primarily about the Mentorship and Writing Certificate Programs:

a.      MA degree program in Education: maybe consider research certificate as requirement

b.      PhD student who intends to go into career with teaching, then teaching certificate helps document that have focused on teaching in documented, more formal ways

c.      Ideas on writing workshops/contents

d.      Writing and mentorship certificate programs; survey and focus group input (Sept 23 Ed will share summary of report on writing needs); boot camps, etc.; what’s already happening

e.      Mentor certificate program; also will be related to RAMP (research and mentorship program); if grad students want to be involved, they can fill out application to work with undergrads; the grad student would have to go through the mentor program; at end of year, an aim would be for the grad and undergrad to attend a conference and present together; other grad students can also go to workshops

f.       STEM departments do some mentoring training; office of research integrity has some kind of mentorship training; NIH mentorship program requirements; mentee vs. mentor distinctions; Chronicle of Higher Ed has links for grad students (links to grad mentors to relevant online contents too)

g.      Mentoring and faculty development; is there a graduate mentoring award? There is a graduate faculty member award…could be other versions and types of awards

h.      Grad REBEL success center: what does a grad student want from a mentor? How can a grad student learn to be a mentor should be in here, for undergrad and own future grad students? But grad faculty mentoring resources belong elsewhere and fall under different umbrellas.

i.       Is a writing certificate program the answer? Other possibilities include Writing bootcamps, writing groups, etc.

j.       What is issue that want to address? How to address? Discussion of some writing challenges of grad students, and need for editing, but not getting as much support as needed from writing center. How to do APA referencing; grammar; misspellings; etc. work? Workshops vs. certificate programs?

k.      Online nursing students and online contents. Melissa and library workshops on reference managers.

l.       Cecilia Maldonado has negotiated TAA teaching (text and academic authors) group, which offers some kind of online help related to editing. Contact her to ask what grad students can use?

m.    Idea that writing certificate programs may begin to be changing. Changes in academic publishers—e.g., copyediting and formatting—may be pushed back to students

IV.             Take-home Messages/Action Items:

a.      About half of us will be spending about one hour before the next meeting looking up examples of graduate Mentorship Certificate Programs from other universities. The other half of us will be spending about one hour before the next meeting looking up examples of graduate Writing Certificate Programs from other universities before the next committee meeting. These will be emailed to Peter ahead of next meeting.

b.     Each of us will provide two suggestions for enhancements (e.g., links to add; resources to consider adding) to the Grad Rebel Success Center. These will be emailed to Peter ahead of next meeting.

c.      Peter will look up information on the Text and Academic Authors (TAA) group, and possibly contact Cecilia Maldonado about it.