April 14 Meeting Minutes

April 14, 2016


GCEC Professional Development Committee Meeting

 2:00-3:00, Student Union #207



Kimberly Barchard, Valarie Burke, Peter Gray, Gina Sully, Carolyn Sabo

Absent with prior notice:

Melissa Bowles-Terry, Jessica Word,


Absent without prior notice:

Andrew Andres, Mary Riddel, Ariel Rosen, Mary-Ann Winkelmes, PG Schrader


We had one agenda item: to discuss applications for the 2016-2017 Graduate Teaching Certificate Program.

·        There were 19 applicants. We discussed the number we could accommodate, with points including workshop space to enable admitting all. We discussed philosophical views of accepting (e.g., lean toward more inclusion at this early stage of the program) vs. declining (e.g., strict admissions criteria, application letters warranting more polish) applications.

·        A number of individual applicant cases were discussed. Davis had what appeared to be an incomplete application, but had previously been accepted, marking this as simply a deferral. Student A said he’s graduating in December, making him ineligible since he wouldn’t be enrolled at UNLV in the spring term. Student B had previously taken the required class and been ‘grandfathered’ in permission for workshop attendance to count, even though the latter would no longer be permitted. Student C had some weak application elements, including a second letter from a non-academic. Student K's application lacked an unofficial transcript, but had been submitted in October 2015 of his first semester at UNLV. It was noted that some application letters had spelling and grammatical mistakes, and needed more proofreading and polish, particularly if applicants’ work is meant to serve as a model for their own students.

·        After healthy debate, a decision was made to admit all applicants except Student A (ineligible). It was noted that this represents a diverse pool of applicants based on considerations such as degree program and teaching experience. It was also suggested that participants could be messaged (e.g., via workshops) of the importance of meeting all application requirements strictly as well as ensuring polished application letters are submitted.

Wrap-up at 2:59 PM.