MEETING DATE: 3-9-2022

1:00-3:00 p.m.

Committee: James Navalta (Chair), Godson Adjovu, Mary Bondmass, Heather Dahl (Gail

Sammons proxy), Han-Fen Hu, Shichun Huang, Kimberly Mellen, Maryann Overcamp-Martini,

Alicia Rico (James Navalta proxy), Erin Rosenberg, Gail Sammons, Corrin Sullivan, Sarah


Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), April Fox (Graduate College) Sam Fugazzotto (Office

of the Registrar), Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar)

Invitees: Pramen Shrestha, Edward Jorgensen, Laxmi Gewali


1. Committee Business

1. Introductions

2. Proxy Form Link: Grad Committee Proxy form

2. New Courses

3. Course Changes and Deletions

Gail motioned, Han-Fen seconded. Motion passed.

4. Contingency Approval

Proposals under contingency approval will not be implemented before receiving full

approval by the GCRC after all pending items are resolved. They are continuously

presented in subsequent GCRC meetings until fully approved.