March 31, 2021

Graduate Council Meeting

March 31, 2021 - 1-3pm


Nevada Regents’ Graduate Scholar Award

Cindy X. Kha, MS, PhD Candidate, Biological Sciences-Integrative Physiology, Advisor, Kelly Ai-Sun Tseng, PhD

Outstanding Thesis Award

STEM: Lara Turello, College of Sciences/Biochemistry/Chemistry

Non-STEM: Christopher Forepaugh, College of Urban Affairs/ Criminal Justice

Outstanding Dissertation Award

STEM: Ali Saber Sichani, College of Engineering /Civil & Environmental Engineering & Construction

Non-STEM: Shae Cox, College of Liberal Arts/History

Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Awards

1. Dustin Davis, School of Integrated Health Sciences/IHS

2. Christopher Wakefield, College of Liberal Arts/Sociology

3. Nina Paul, College of Liberal Arts/Psychology

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award

Jennifer Pharr, School of Public Health/Environmental and Occupational Health

Outstanding Graduate Faculty Leadership Award

Peter Gray, College of Liberal Arts/Anthropology