February 16, 2021

UNLV Top Tier Graduate Faculty and Student Support Committee

February 16, 2021

In attendance:

Peter Gray (Chair), Alexander Clements, Matthew Mohan, David James, Emily Lin, Han-Fen Hu, Harsha Perera, James Rich, Jichun Li, John Tuman, Joseu Epane, Laura Book, Pramen Shrestha, Susan McLennon, Thessa Higenkamp, Valarie Burke, Carola Raab, Christine Ancajas



Discuss UNLV Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

What feedback do we have on the existing GLOs? Fine as they stand? Suggested edits?

The three Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) define what all UNLV graduate students should know and be able to do when they graduate.

The proposed, revised GLOs are as follows:

Upon completion of their programs of study, UNLV graduate students will be able to:

1.                          Conduct research, scholarship, creative expression and/or appropriate high-level professional practice


2.                          Competently and ethically complete activities requiring originality, critical analysis, collaboration, and expertise in a meaningful community context


3.                          Develop and use extensive knowledge in the field of study, displaying a level of mastery expected for the sought-after degree


4.                          Acquire and demonstrate abilities to competently  and inclusively work in diverse environments


**Note: GLOs #1-3 are adapted from previous UNLV GLOs. #4 is new and thus warrants more focus by other stakeholders viewing these draft GLOs. An alternative phrasing of #4 could be: To acknowledge and to understand diversity by demonstrating equity and inclusion that is welcoming and supportive for all students.


Discussion items, some of which were folded into the proposed and revised GLOs above:

What do we think 21st century grads need to know?

Lifelong learning; professional development

Collaborative problem-solving: shared effort and solutions

Experiential learning: applying approaches to real-life projects; service learning

Connections with community. Community impacts.

Encompasses MA and Doctoral level programs (all grad); distinguish between professional and more research-based Doctoral programs

Could include more data points in GLOs, but then one would need to think of how assessed at all levels

Diversity; acquire knowledge to work effectively with and support students of diverse backgrounds

Perhaps distinguish MA vs. Doctoral levels through different research expectations

What constitutes mastery? What does “extensive” knowledge mean?

what’s missing in the 3 current UNLV graduate learning objectives is something on: communication; ethics; justice, equity and inclusion; applied problem-solving approaches

Ethical reasoning - ethically evaluating various perspectives, policies and or practices