GA Subgroup

Top Tier GA Committee Charge

GA Assessment & Realignment Sub-Committee: (handout)

- GA Program & Policies

- Differential Stipends & Stipend/Package Rates

Assessment & Recommendation Data (MIT Model)

- Cost of Attendance/Living (Sperlings; CPI; Grad Student Cost & Quality of LIfe Surveys)

- Cost to Grants (National Funding Levels & norms; History of UNLV tuition/fees/stipends; Future)

- Competitiveness & TT Goals (Aspirational Peer Data; Survey Incoming Students & Non-Enrolled New Admits, Fall 2015)

- Community (Comparison of historical faculty, postdoc, and GA salary growth

End Product by March 18th, 2016:

Data-driven recommendations re: GA Program Policies; Market-based Differential GA Stipends; GA Package Minimums; GA Investments of New Funds; Distribution of State GA Funds.