GC Notes

Program Changes

Economics MA - Catalog text update first paragraph has a new added sentence, "Full-time students are expected to complete the degree in three regular semesters." My questions are, what if they don't, and what is a "regular" semester?

also removing time to degree text

Physics MS - For Core Courses - do they want these to be "two additional advisor-approved 700-level PHYS courses" or just any two 700-level PHYS courses? If the former, we will need to add "advisor-approved" to the catalog text. If the latter, text is fine as is.

Higher Ed PhD - they say they are removing elective credits. However, in the catalog, the section is called "Specialization Courses." So that the form matches the catalog, this should probably be noted and updated on the approved form. Does this impact the Higher Ed PhD/JD dual? If so, another change form will be needed b/c degree requirements are different and credits required differ.

Political Science PhD - this change is fine, but they removed the instructive text. I would recommend something like, "Complete three of the following courses:" or "Complete nine credits from the following list of courses:" to be consistent with the rest of the catalog.

Public Health PhD - Under Elective Courses, next to HED 730, there's a note in parenthesis "req for certificate." We don't typically add these types of notes next to courses, especially when it's not related to the degree at hand.

current catalog descr

Health Physics MS - They didn't attach catalog text, and what they're trying to do can't work with the catalog as built. I'm attaching my attempt at an update. Hopefully this will work for the dept.

New Programs for Review

Certificate in Online Teaching & Training - My only concern on this one is the culminating experience. All the form says is, "Students will submit a digital portfolio of their achievements as a summative assessment artifact." In the catalog, we should explain how this will be evaluated, whom it should be submitted to, and if a student will not be able to complete the certificate without this, how the Graduate College will know that this requirement has been successfully completed. 

School of Community Health Sciences

Certificate in Global Health & Implementation Science

Proposer fields do not match. 

Certificate in Infection Prevention - Proposal says, "Completion of the Certificate will require completion of 4 courses (12 credit hours) in an 18-month period.  As each of the courses within the certificate is independent of other courses, there is no 'start' or 'stop' in the program.  Each course must be completed with a minimum grade of 'B'." My concerns here are really what happens if a student 1) doesn't finish within an 18-month period? Probation? Nothing? If nothing, sentence should be modified. 2) What happens if grade less than B? Grad College requires C or better so long as the certificate GPA is at a 3.00 or better. Will below a B not be allowed? If that's true, we will build into degree audit and courses below a B will automatically be excluded from use. Additionally, the OR in the course requirements will require two sections. 


Required Courses - Credits: 9

EOH - 730 - Principles of Infection Prevention

EOH - 701 - Healthcare Associated Infections: Surveillance, Data, and Reports

EOH - 750 - Infection Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

Infectious Disease Course - Credits; 3

Complete one of the following:

EAB - 725 - Infectious Disease Epidemiology

EOH - 747 - Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Certificate in Public Health - Section VIII says, "The Certificate program will be open to non-degree seeking students with at least a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university." Since "non-degree" is a very specific category of students here at UNLV. This sentence could be confusing and lead to students failing to apply as "Certificate or Degree-seeking" students via the application. Recommend the "non-degree seeking" portion be removed.