MEETING DATE: 9-15-2021

1:00-3:00 p.m.


Committee: James Navalta (Chair), Han-Fen Hu, Sean Boyd, Heather Dahl, Lawrence Larmore, Kimberly Mellen, Gail Sammons, Alicia Rico, Mary Bondmass, Erin Rosenberg, Shichun Huang, Maryann Overcamp-Martini, Corrin Sullivan, Godson Adjovu, Amy Tureen (James proxy)

Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), April Fox (Graduate College) Sam Fugazzotto (Office of the Registrar), Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar)

Invitees: Jay Shen, Patricia Cook-Craig



Gail motioned, Sean seconded. Proposal passed.

Proposer was unable to attend, tabled until next meeting

Gail motioned, Mary-Anne seconded. Proposal passed.

3.     Course Changes and Deletions

1.     AAE - 695 Special Topics in Architectural Design – Tabled for future meeting pending information from the proposer on the rationale behind course variability and adjustment of syllabus to reflect differentiation between graduate and undergraduate requirements.

2.     ANTH - 649C Laboratory Methods in Archaeology

3.     ANTH - 672 Hormones and Human Behavior

4.     NURS - 729R Translational Evidence for Healthcare Systems

4.     SW 671 fixed an error on course credits, adjusting to variable 1-3.

5.     EDH 610 fixed an error on course credits, adjusting to variable 1-3. Effective Spring 2022.