Graduate Programs Committee

Remote Meeting 2/1/2022

Committee: Greg Moody (Chair), Michelle Samuel (Integrated Health Sciences), Neeraj Bhanda (School of Public Health), Christina Demopoulos (Dental), Doris Watson (Education), Shahram Latifi (Engineering), Norma Saldivar (Fine Arts), Finley Cotrone (Hospitality), Dan Lee (Liberal Arts), Rebecca Benfield (Nursing), Dong-Chan Lee (Sciences), Benjamin Burroughs proxy for term by Greg Borchard (Urban Affairs), Corrin Sullivan (Medicine), Doris Watson (Faculty Senate), Cory Tucker (Library), Lina Chato (GPSA), Scarlett Iglesias Hoyos (GPSA)

Ex-Officio: Elizabeth Barrie (Online Education), Gail Griffin (Provost’s Office), Ruth Garay (Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Registrar), April Fox (Grad College), Emily Lin (Grad College), Lindsay Couzens (Assessment), Rosemary Le (Provost’s Office)

Invitees:  Lung-Wen Chen/Jay Shen (Dual: MD / MPH), Alexander Barzilov (Mech Engineering / Materials and Nuclear Engineering), Jennifer Nash (Physical Therapy), Angela Amar (Nursing), Laura Kruskall (Nutrition Sciences)

GP Agenda

o    Temporary program exemptions (Emily) (Discussed last)

1.      https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Km2zi6U3xQHN8sR46V_Sm65qKEpv89hRMBx8kr4T8A/edit

2.      Chain of command here? It is present

3.      Faculty initiated? Yes

1.      Is there a shortage of clinical sites to place students to meet their program requirements? If so, what are the plans to address the shortages?

2.      What would be our projected enrollment in year 1, 3 and 5?

1.      Around 30

3.      Does this subsume another post-bach. internship?

*Proposals under contingency approval will not be implemented before receiving full approval of the GPC after all pending items are resolved. They are continuously presented in subsequent GPC meetings until fully approved.