MEETING DATE: 10-14-2020

1-3 p.m.

MEETING LOCATION: Webex (available beginning 15-min prior to meeting)

ID: 1204454684

Password: b6UhPcb$

Committee: James Navalta (Chair), Han-Fen Hu, Jennifer Pharr, Marcia Ditmyer, Micah Stohlmann, James Busser (James Navalta proxy), Daniel Allen, Jinyoung Kim, Gangqing Jiang, Maryann Overcamp-Martini, Corrin Sullivan, Gail Sammons, Laura, Benedict, Sean Boyd

Ex-Officio: Emily Lin (Graduate College), Alexandre Goncalves (Graduate College) Ruth Garay (Office of the Registrar), Laina Gleason (Office of the Registrar), Sam Fugazzotto (Registrar)

Invitees: None 


GCRC Chair shared the following information: Part of the GCRC's charge this year is to assist with categorizing the culminating requirement for all graduate programs. The goal is to have all culminating requirements identified and categorized according to the following: 



This will allow us to deploy timely and relevant messages to graduate students who are entering or at the latter stages of their programs and the messaging will support students' progression, completion, and graduation. We ask the GCRC members to help with this project by doing the following:


1. During Oct. 14 GCRC meeting, please communicate the goal and process for accomplishing this project.


2. As their College/School representative on the GCRC, we ask that they go back to their respective college/school and share with their colleagues (Graduate Coordinators or other relevant faculty in their unit) to confirm the current categorization of the courses reflected on this spreadsheet is accurate:

(spreadsheet link shared only at time of meeting)


That is, the current categorization of the course is accurate. The definitions of the categories appear in the first tab and each college/school have their own individual tabs.


3. They and their colleagues should review each course and their respective current categorization and enter any changes to the categorization, if needed, in Columns P, Q & R. 

4. They should complete the review and provide any comments no later than Nov. 18 (Our GCRC Nov. meeting).


Please note that the spreadsheet is a shared document and can be shared with anyone who has the link. Additionally, any entry into the spreadsheet is automatically saved and visible to everyone. If anyone experiences any issues with the link/spreadsheet, please reach out to Alex Goncalves, Curriculum and Assessment Manager.


·         GCRC requested Emily to also share the request with the Graduate Coordinators of each department.



The committee discussed an acceptable process for emergency late requests specific to cross-listing an already approved graduate course with approved undergraduate course. This would apply to any late request for cross-listing courses (e.g, undergraduate/graduate or graduate/graduate). When the Registrar receives a request for cross-listing of any graduate courses, the request will be forward to the Graduate College. In turn, the Graduate College will work with the GCRC chair to address the request by adhering to the following process. The elements of the process are as follows:

1. A justification for why this case is considered a true emergency must be submitted to either the Graduate College Associate Dean, or the GCRC Chair. Missing a deadline is not considered an emergency. Such justification will be rejected.

2. A proposal must be initiated in Curriculog and must be submitted for consideration during the next scheduled GCRC meeting to undergo standard curricular approval process.

3. The Graduate College Associate Dean and GCRC Chair will consider the proposal, and may provide approval on a one-time basis for each cross-listing request. Appropriate course-listings are outlined in the Catalog. For the current Catalog: 300 or 400 level courses may be cross-listed with 500 level courses; 400 level courses may also be cross-listed to 600 level courses.  700+ level courses may not be cross-listed with undergraduate courses. This process will be formalized for requests that are issued after spring 2021. In the meantime, the Chair of GCRC and Graduate College will work with Graduate Council this 2020-21 AY to share information about the process for approving emergency cross-listing requests going forward. Because we are attempting to be student-centered, sensitive to the fact that it is during COVID-19 times, and the process for employing emergency processes are still currently being defined by the GCRC, for Spring 2021 requests, the Graduate College will work with the GCRC Chair and the Registrar to work out the documentation for approving the cross-listing requests. The syllabi and documentation of how these courses will be presented to GCRC during meetings this AY.