EOH - 730

This course is designed to Provides an overview of the critical elements and functions of healthcare facilities infection prevention programs as required by the multiple of regulatory agencies.  It will Also serves as a guide and review for the Certification in Infection Control examination.

MIS 671

Introduction to big data concepts, tools and methods. Students will be exposed to Explores big data principles as well as learn about and information technology innovation in organizations. Students will also be Includes an introduction to multiple tools and statistical concepts related to the contemporary analysis of big data.

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MIS 765

Covers various Internet development approaches and architectures. Technologies such as HTML, CSS, client-side scripting, server-side scripting, and databases are used. This course Provides hands-on experience for students to actively develop Web-based business applications that extract and deliver information over the Internet. 

MIS 781

Provide a c Culminating experience for MIS students. to provide a Requires the practical application of concepts learned in the program. Reinforcement will be placed upon of client and expectation management, proposal writing and professional communication.

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HPS Courses - Overview of clinical training and academic requirements.

HPS 770

The c A Clinical course that introduces basic concepts in external beam radiation therapy.  Includes including dosimetry systems, accelerator acceptance testing and commissioning, quality assurance procedures, calibration protocols and monitor unit calculations.

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HPS 771

Clinical training in the fundamentals of external beam dosimetry. Includes including treatment planning, record and verify systems, image fusion, and immobilization and positioning techniques used in patient simulations.

HPS 772R

Clinical training in high and low dose rate brachytherapy. Includes  including treatment planning, applicators and quality assurance QA procedures.

HPS 773 - quality assurance


HPS 775

The clinical course is a Survey of topics of importance to medical physicists in the radiation therapy clinic. Topics covered include: treatment planning(,?) computer commissioning, IGRT, process/practice (FMEA and TQM) and informatics.

HPS 776

Students gain Experience with special procedure techniques such as tomotherapy, total body irradiation, GammaKnife, CyberKnife and eye plaques.

HPS 777

Clinical research under the direct supervision of their clinical preceptors. 

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CHEM 795 & 797 - Description is not changed. Only changing may be repeated for credit. 

MIS 744

Familiarizes students with Aspects of developing, implementing and evaluating strategies and plans for organizations and their use of technology. Foundational theories in business strategy will be discussed as to their and the impact on current technological issues.

MIS 764

Integration of technology and commercial practices for doing business on the Internet to improve competitive advantage and expand business strategy. Heavy focus is given to business models and how modern technologies have modified their application. Extensive use of business cases highlight the concepts through well-known businesses.  

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Current Description

How IT Architecture can meet corporate information system needs. Topics include system scaling, architecture design, enterprise integration, service-oriented architectures, web services, agile application development, corporate IT security, disaster recovery, cost of ownership, and others. Students apply concepts using IBM system i.