September 8, 2020

GAC-2 Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2020


Start: 1 pm


End: 1:20 pm


Attendees: Daniel Chi, Ann Vuong, Fiona Britton, Katrina Liu, Laxmi Gewali, Mehmet Erdem, William Bauer, Hongtao Yang, Dory Mizrachi and Emily Lin


1.     Faculty introductions


2.     Meeting dates were reviewed and committee members were notified that their committee duties would be completed by early February 2021.


3.     Committee charges were reviewed. Committee members were notified that applications for the Nevada Regents’ Scholar Award (graduate and undergraduate) are due on October 5, 2020. Dr. Lin informed the committee that we would likely receive the application packets a week following the deadline. Committee members were provided with links to the Calls for Nominations.


4.     A copy of last year’s evaluation rubric was provided to committee members approx. one week prior to this meeting. Everyone agreed to use the same rubric for this year’s evaluation.


5.     A brief discussion of the remaining awards (due on December 1, 2020) followed. Specifically, information was provided regarding the thesis and dissertation awards. As in previous years, both awards will be divided into two sub-categories: STEM and non-STEM and members can expect to evaluate 2-3 theses/dissertations based on their area of expertise. The evaluations will be due approx. 2-3 weeks following receipt of materials.



Submitted by Steen Madsen, Chair GAC-2 Committee

                        September 8, 2020